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To meet demands in large-volume industrial scale packaging, we have designed this machine to ensure production with a level of quality and consistency performance our customers are looking for.
Downtime is minimised thanks to this packaging line's ergonomics and ease of use. Typical applications.

Pharmaceuticals, agri-food, chemical industry

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  • Construction to BPF standards.
  • Quick and easy module adjustments thanks to indi- cator markings.
  • Automated flame lighting and extinguishing cycle.
  • Flame presence monitor for operator safety.
  • Safety glass lateral encasement.
  • Quick stripdown of piping and vat accessories for cleaning.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump (partially or totally recycled water).
  • Dimensions: length = 7000mm, width = 600mm, height = 2000mm.
  • Maximum rate : 300 crystallisers / hour with piped water.
  • Crystalliser overall dimensions: 202X202 mm.
  • Quick format change.
Line composed of three modules :
filling + sealing + leakage testing
    Compatible with all types of fine-point ampoules :
  • Double-point ampoules, bottle ampoules and Flackpull®.
  • Filling volume from 1 to 30ml.
    Ease of use :
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation.
  • Switch on by operator at batch start.
  • Automatic loading and unloading.
  • Crystallisers packaged in pairs.
  • Rapid format change -> reduce preparation time.
  • Processor-controlled individual module cycles.
  • Automated point washing and drying.
  • Variable conveyor speed.
  • Clean In Place - C.I.P.
300 Crystalliser / hour rate automatic machine
(rate based on piped water).

  • Propane and compressed air or propane, compressed air and oxygen depending on torch model
    (pressure = 1 bar).
  • 220 volts 50 Hz 16 A and/or 380 volts 50 Hz 20 A.
  • Filtered compressed air at 6-bar constant pressure.
  • Nitrogen at 1 bar (max) regulated pressure for use in neutral atmosphere.
  • Connection to cleaning water.
  • Cold water.
  • Hot water.